Wednesday, March 4, 2009

SCARD @ Orbis Nex (Oakland) - March 21st


Saturday, 21 March 2009

The Final Rites of Orbis Nex
In Equinoctial Aftermath

8.30p Doors
9.30p First Rite
3.00a The End


(Members of Maleficia, Chronicles of Lemur Mutation, Laudanum, Horse Thief, A.C. Way, and I Will Kill You Fucker)

(Deathroes, Crash Worship, R. Jencks)

(L'acephale, Incisional, Drugs – from Portland)

(Throat singing and ritual – from Portland)

(Fauna, Fearthainne – from Olympia)

Last rites will be performed throughout the night by Steve Joyner, Zaskia Morgan, and Jennifer Sullivan. The final act will be performed by Patricia Cram.

CANEPHORA – Jennifer is seeking twenty-one women to participate in her rite. Unearth yourselves and write her via if you would like to take part.

And finally – if there are symbols you carry that you would like to bury with Orbis Nex, or if you possess objects in need of an abyss, Patricia's rite will provide a final resting place for such things. Your object(s) should be relatively small, and should not be capable of spilling or decomposing. When the time arrives, you will be told.



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